Idea: Make Negative Lab Pro for other programs (Capture One, Affinity, Luminar, Affinity, Lightroom 5, etc)

As I normally use Capture One (C1) for raw developing I currently own only LR5, which is a little bit outdated. Does NLP also work with LR5? I have no intention for LR CC.
Any chance for a C1-integration?


Hi, NLP will work for LR6, which you can still purchase as a standalone. The reason is won’t work for LR5 is that I need access to things in the SDK that weren’t introduced until LR6. For Capture One, the biggest issue is that even though they now have an SDK for plugins, it is extremely restrictive - it doesn’t give me access to the same kind of deep integration that makes Negative Lab Pro work so well on Lightroom. But perhaps that will change over time!



I too would like to see NLP available for other photo apps. Many don’t care for LR CC; fortunately for me I have LR6. Be nice if NLP was made compatible with Skylum’s Luminar.

If it were so easy! LR CC is only available on a subscription basis, no standalone version - at least here in Germany. The same with Photoshop. Adobe sucks!

There is also Affinity Photo. But I don’t know how they handle plugins.

@yann / @MichaelDaniel - the big issue is that these other program do not currently have a way for me to integrate Negative Lab Pro (as I do in LR 6 and LR Classic), or they have a very very limited SDK (like Capture One). This is one of the big advantages of the Lightroom eco-system. I understand the frustrations with Adobe and their recurring pricing model, but for the time, this offers the best integration and results of any available platform (by a wide margin!). I’ll keep evaluating this though.

Check out Affinity Photo, it supports a number LR plugins so the mechanisms are there. Might be a quick integration.

I have been slowly moving to AP and now do the majority of my processing with it. Inexpensive but powerful and very high quality.

Yeah, I know that Affinity Photo supports some Photoshop plugins (which are quite different from Lightroom plugins in that they are destructive and never accessing RAW photo), but my understanding is that Affinity does not have an SDK for developers… they’re just adding some kind of backwards compatibility that enables some (but not all) photoshop plugins to work. I’m pretty sure Luminar does basically the same thing. There doesn’t seem to be much in the way of instructions in terms of why some plugins work and others don’t, so even if I built a Photoshop plugin version of Negative Lab Pro, I can’t be guaranteed that it would port over properly (and of course, it wouldn’t be working non-destructively on the RAW file as I’m able to do in Lightroom).

How about Corel AfterShot Pro? Or ON1 Photo RAW 2019.5?

At the very least, I hope the latest NLP will never not work with LR6 (the last standalone version)…

The problem with Lightroom 6 is that it doesn’t support new cameras.

I left LR 6 for this reason (and also, I don’t want to pay for a monthly tax for LR updates), so I’m not able to use your program with my new camera RAW.

I suppose I’m not the only one having this issue…

I hear ya.

For this particular issue, though, you should still be able to use LR 6 even with newer cameras that aren’t technically supported…

Here’s how: just download the free Adobe DNG Convertor, convert your files to RAW DNG, and import those new DNGs into LR 6.

But I understand that Lightroom isn’t for everyone!

DNG use is ok if you have few pictures to work with.
Not the easiest way if you have more RAW documents to develop.

If I come to buy your sofware, it will be because I have a lot of negative pictures to develop.

I suggest you try to open your software to other Photo Development tools.


Yeah, I understand that using Adobe DNG Convertor adds an extra step to a LR 6 workflow, but you can batch process 100s or 1000s of raws at once if you want to. It shouldn’t really matter how many you have.

But yeah, not opposed to opening up Negative Lab Pro to other platforms, but just not able to get the level of deep, RAW integration I want with any other platform at the moment.

How about PhotoKit, giving access to Apple Photos on MacOS, iPadOS, iOS? Huge number of potential customers.

Developer documentation:

Different raw program uses very different color engine. So If the SDK problem solved, the different NLP will have very different result which I think is not good thing. If Nate has much more ablility I would like to see a standalone program soultion.

And… I used to PS curved image to colorcorrect negatives before NLP’s born. As far as I tried, CaptureOne has very ugly redition to image’s shadow (denoised and desaturated) and without no contrast output. I would not recommend use CaptureOne as RAW decoder for neagtive scans.

hmm, perhaps Nate could investigate The Gimp, I understand they too have non-destructive RAW editing…

Well I evidently discovered this awesome plug-in too late. Haven’t been working/shooting as much the past year on hiatus and this went right by. Quite a drag that it did since the thought put into this plug-in is evident from the get-go. Well executed, sir.
I however am a very happy LR5 holdout (for a fair number of reasons, largest of which is it simply suited and continues to suit my needs). My workflow was always fine without the issues 6 would cause me. But this plug-in would make me finally plunge into 6 … and now I see it’s no longer offered. I won’t join the subscription model personally, so it seems I am more than a bit sunk.

Looks fantastic and the results I’ve perused from others speak for themselves.

A Photoshop version would be highly beneficial though.

  1. Lightroom is getting abandoned (the name Classic is an euphemism, just like senior etc.)
  2. Lightroom sux as a catalog tool (no folder auto scanning)
  3. Lightroom doesn’t do anything that ACR doesn’t (or ACR plus Bridge)
  4. Many people need to use Lightroom just to run this plugin and nothing else

I tremendously appreciate we have this plug in at all, but I believe it would be far more versatile as a PS plugin.

Just signed up to make this comment.
I think rather than try to support all the different softwares as a plug-in, it would be better to make NLP available in a stand alone mode with TIFF exports like the way the Nik plugins used to work. I would pay extra for the stand alone version.
NLP looks amazing but I will never install anything by Adobe and will happily pay a premium to keep Adobe or any subscription software off my system.