Adobe end of support for Lightroom 6 (will still be supported by NLP)

All who use Lightroom 6 should make sure to consult with this page:

Download the installers and keep them in a safe place, if you haven’t already.

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I discovered that it had ceased to be available from my Adobe account some time ago when I was installing on a new machine but I found an obscure download link from somewhere, also discovered that I had saved them on another machine. Now backed up together with plug-ins & presets etc.

To be honest I can’t quite understand why they can’t maintain a link within your account since they know that you are a paid-up user with a license key.

They are just doing their best to “nudge” you a bit into switching to the newer versions… :wink:

I’m actually on Lightroom v6.14 (standalone) and plan to stick with it.
Therefore it is extremely important to me that the Negative Labs plugin will keep supporting this version of Lightroom. I have paid for version 3 already, so I hope it will be compatible with v6.14…
@nate , can you please confirm that the next major release will infact support Lightroom v6.14? I haven’t found any hint anywhere that this wouldn’t be the case.

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Yes, I’m sure that’s true. Still you’ve bought a product outright that was (at the time) only available for download so I would have thought that continuing to provide a download link from within your account wouldn’t be too much to expect. But yes, Adobe.

There’s this thread where Nate refers to compatibility:

Please don’t obsolete those of us that refuse to go beyond LR6!

Of course! I always keep LR6 users in mind and support features as much as I can!

As Lightroom Classic adds new features, though, it enables me to add new features to Negative Lab Pro. So there are some things that simply aren’t possible with LR6 due to the limitations of LR6 itself.

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Yes, v3 supports LR v6.14. All the new features should be available to you (Roll Analysis, Preset Management, etc)



For all who still use Lr 6.14. Download the installer before it goes away at the end of December.

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