Idea: proportion slider for highlight/midtone/shadow adjuster

I love this program I’ve used it for 1-2 years with some of the best results I’ve had.

I wish we could adjust the portion of the histogram that falls into each of the highlight/midtone/shadow buckets in regards to color correction on the Edit tab. I find the color correction settings in the plugin surprisingly robust so I use them everytime but sometimes attempting to color correct just the highlights really dips into the midtone section, etc. If there was a way to narrow/expand the ‘band’ in each histogram bucket it would really improve color correction.

I develop all my film at home which is sometimes fraught with color correction nightmares so this fine tuning would REALLY improve workflow.


Have you seen Negative Lab Pro version 2.2?

It already has the feature you are talking about.

Holy crap this is literally like Christmas morning for me