Clipped highlights

Hello all, I’m wondering if negative lab is using all of the dynamic range? It looks to me that it gets clipped. There’s no information in the whites, it’s like it’s an 8bit image even though it’s supposed to be 16bit. I’m noticing it now because I have images with bright snow. I can see that the information is there if I move the Lightroom sliders, but the negative lab sliders are completely flat. If I save a positive copy it becomes a clipped image.

Do you have an example you could share with us?


The initial conversion analysis sets the whitepoint and blackpoint to normalize the dynamic range of the scene. But nothing in the original is actually being clipped at any point.

To get better control over the dynamic range, change the tone profile to “linear” and then adjust the “WhiteClip and BlackClip” points to a negative value, and you will see that the original data is all there and you can adjust it however you’d like!



Thanks Nate, that does solve the problem. It works really good. It brings down the blown highlights without changing the rest of the image to much and I can easily bring the mid exposure back with the brightness slider.