Illford XP2 (Black and White, C41): artifacts and very noisy

Hello guys, first of all here is my gear:

Camera: Mamiya RB67
Scanner: Epson V550
Software: Vuescan + Lightroom NLP

Film: 20-year old expired Illford XP2 B+W film (C41).

So I don’t if that is the reason for it being so irregularly grainy (see picture). Or if my scanner is causing the problem. Can someone tell me from his perspective what is? Maybe it wasn’t developed correctly.

I see vertical stripes that cover the image from top to bottom. This has nothing to do with film grain imo. It rather looks like you’ve scanned through the protective cover which can have such a structure. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Can you see the stripes when you look at the negative? If the stripes are on the negative, you could try to wash the film again and dry it carefully. If the stripes don’t go away, you’ll have to consider all the other steps of the whole process that might have gone wrong…which does not change the situation though.