Fogging negative issues

Hey guys,

Just looking for a little help really. I’ve been shooting a load of film through my Mamiya and developing/scanning myself. I’ve seen some issues with the scans following this and wanted to see what people opinions on it were, and how to fix it.

The issues i’m having seem to only be affecting some rolls of film, so not a consistent issue. I’ve had no issues with developing/loading and the camera itself is light-tight. The negatives have no signs of leaks on the mask inbetween frames.

I’m wondering if this is due to the UV filter on my lens causing light issues/reflections, as the lightbox and set up is consistent. The only other thing I can think of is that the film that seems worse affected was expired film that I shot overexposed (~15years), although this has happened with in date and well stored rolls (fridge storage with plenty of time to heat up prior to shooing/development). I develop B&W with Cinestill Monobath at appropriate timings, and the other rolls in the tank don’t have these issues

I have attached an image to show the effect (will only let me upload one!)

I hope this makes sense, please comment if you have any questions!

If only some of your films show the effect which is independent of development and scanning, the affected film seems to be the source of the effect.

You can try to improve the results using the sliders on the second tab of NLP. See to that the histogram is nowhere too close to the left (and right) edge and check out the guide.