Help identifying source of light leaks / colour issues

I need some help to id what the cause of these light leaks are in my scanning set up.

I scan with

  • GFX 50S
  • Pentax 645 macro
  • Essential Film Holder
  • Raleno Light Table

I mask off all stray light with black cardboard but still get these light leaks.
I wonder if it is to do with the film holder but it is a fairly known holder and don’t see others having consistent issues I do with it.

Attached are some straight conversion examples as well as the negative RAWs, thanks. Shot on Ektar 100, 120 film.

Link to raws

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Although you refer to light leaks these are surely the opposite of that, as if the edges are somehow shaded from your light source and when inverted show up as lighter edges. I’d suggest copying a blank frame from one of your colour negative films so that you might see this shading more easily. I haven’t downloaded the RAWs but it looks to be along the long edges rather than lens vignetting as if your film holder is preventing some light getting to the film. Without wanting to cast any aspersions I have seen similar effects reported on here with this holder.

Thanks Harry. You’re right it is shading from the film holder. Had a look at some of the reddit threads around it. Frustrating as leading to lot of inconsistencies, debating whether to try sanding it or forking out for the Valoi set up

Thanks again

I think there was a redesign at some point so that the underside of the holder was chamfered but I don’t know if that was for both 35mm & 120. I’ve never seen an EFH so no expert obviously.