Improve old transparencies with Negative Lab Pro

I’ve just tried something.

I’ve inherited a load of transparencies that date back as far as 1950ct. Most of the older transparencies have shifted colours due to age, storage and whatever other causes might exist. I wanted to see if I can use NLP’s internal process to improve the overall appearance of the transparencies.

This is what I did

  • changed orientation and cropped to taste
  • adjusted WB and the RGB tone curve
  • created a virtual copy
  • inverted the RGB tone curve
  • launched NLP

This is what I got:
Left: Source image, Right: After using NLP

Both images were not customized other than what I listed above.
Further improvements can be made with the HSL and Color Grading tools. Here’s a quick upgrade:

Sky: HSL tool was used to change the saturation.
Grass: Color Grading was used.


I logged in specifically to see whether NLP would be suitable for processing transparency scans. I’m currently embarking on digitising my late father’s vast archive, which consists of 2/3’s positives, 1/3 negatives. It’s good to know that NLP is a powerful tool for both.

BUT… wouldn’t it be great if it wasn’t necessary to invert the image first? If we could select a “transparency” option?

yes, sure, and I think that @nate is already looking into it :vulcan_salute:

That’s really good news. Thanks, Digitizer.

… beware, I was just guessing…