Invert button for use when scanning slides

I saw it mentioned or asked about on FB. I’ve been camera scanning a lot of slides and tweaking a bit just before NLP, but then I often forget to invert the slide and have to esc invert and then go back into NLP. Would be great to have an invert button in NLP.

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Could you explain the advantage of running scans of slides (positives) through NLP?

I liked NLP’s color cast, contrast, and tone controls. Sometimes I went in and out of NLP to make adjustments LR, which gave me multiple ways to achieve what I wanted to pull from each slide. I think the NLP camera profile helps a lot too. As for testing, haven’t done exact side-by-sides, but I’ll try one or two when I copy the next batch.

Guess the short answer is, I know what I want from each slide, and NLP usually helps a lot in pulling it out and puts all the controls in one place.

So you are scanning the slide, inverting it, and then using NLP to adjust and un-invert it? Just want to make sure I understand what’s going on. I haven’t scanned many slides but may want to try it.