Scanning Slide Film (Fuji Velvia / E-6)

I’v read through the guides here for scanning with camera and importing into Negative Lab Pro. When converting in Lightroom with Negative Lab Pro, there are no color options for Slide Film / E-6. No matter which option I choose the final product always ends up with inverted color.

Am I missing an option somewhere? It seems like this should be supported but I can’t find the right selection in the plugin.

Negative Lab Pro (NLP) is meant for the conversion of negatives.

Slides need not to be inverted, therefore you do not need NLP for slides - unless you want to try this:

Thanks, this link is helpful. And I guess I am so accustomed to scan software handling both negatives + positives so I didn’t consider taking the name “Negative Lab Pro” so literally. :wink: