Neg lab pro turning images into negatives rather than positives

Hi - I’ve only just come to learn about Negative lab Pro. Unfortunately it’s after I’ve spent several weeks creating a new archive of old work making over 500 35mm scans on my VueScan. Thing is I scanned them as 48bit Tiff. When I use the Negative Lab Pro it’s turning them into negatives rather than the already exisiting positives. I’m sure it’s super simple though I can’t find out what I’m doing wrong and have looked across the instruction manuals.
Any help would be great.

Hi, Negative Lab Pro is intended to be used on negative film that hasn’t already been converted… so if you’ve used Vuescan to already convert the negatives into positive images, you cannot use Negative Lab Pro on them.

If you want to use Negative Lab Pro with Vuescan, check out the specific instructions for creating RAW DNGs with Vuescan. This will give you raw negative scans that Negative Lab Pro is expecting.


Hi Nate,

thanks for your earlier email, I do appreciate that.

Having scanned 536 negs (3 weeks work) of my 1990’s documentation of illegal raves and the environmental movement I now realise that I didnt do it the best way. I’m now looking to rescan them using my Plustek 8200i Silverfast not Vuescan. Do you have dedicated recommendations for scanning with Silverfast that works best for NLP? I did see the VueScan directions though these maybe different. Like for example guidelines on whether 48bit, should I use the exposure adjustments, what about the image sharpening etc?

Appreciate your help with this again.

Warm regards



Yes, I do have recommendations for Silverfast. See this thread for more info:

I had great success over the past few days camera copying dozens of color slides, from Kodachrome to Ektachrome, tweaking them slightly in LR, inverting them in LR (via curves), and then changing them back to positives and tweaking them in NLP. In nearly all occasions, I’ve gotten better results this way than using just the DSLR & LR alone.