RAW Files with Silverfast

I was wondering if the new version of Negative Lab Pro will work fine with the DNG files I’m able to get when using the latest version of Silverfast.

Yes, it does. Just scan to DNG and in NLP use the Vuescan DNG profile for the conversion, works like a charm! I have been doing this all week very, very successfully.

Here is an example of Ektar 100, scanned with SF to DNG, absolutely minimal editing in NLP and none in LR.


So interesting. Have been scanning negatives in RAW format for many years now using Silverfast. Can’t remember why now but I chose to scan to TIFF files as opposed to DNGs. Will investigate further to see if I can find out why I made that call. In any event, I just scanned a neg to TIFF and to DNG. Both at 48bit Bit HDR RAW. The DNG looks less dense than the TIFF. I see no difference when processing them via Silverfast HDR but Lightroom definitely cannot deal with the more dense TIFF. Anyone else here using the RAW workflow from Silverfast using TIFFs?.

Thanks very much for your answer.
There is any particular reason why, in LR, it says that the profile is missing once converted in NLP?

I have been scanning for quite some while with a Reflecta Crystalscan 7200 with Vuescan, but saving as raw tiff.

And I have been scanning for some time now with a Minolta Elite 5400 (mk1) for which I have to use Silverfast 6 (or the Minolta software), no other software seems to deal well with the scanner.

I have been scanning Silverfast ‘HDR tif’ files (48bit, linear-space (no gamma), tiff, scanned as positive, scanner-gain set to be as close to clipping as possible).

What I do - it is a bit technical so I don’t know if it’s for everyone - is to load the tif files from Silverfast into Vuescan (Vuescan ‘scan from raw’) and have Vuescan save them as raw dng.

This way I get dng’s from the tiffs. With ‘exiftool’ (command-line tool) I write the correct Maker / Model info into the .dng files and load them into Lightroom, and here they are picked up as Vuescan with the correct NLP profile (since the Minolta Scan elite 5400 is supported in NLP with Vuescan DNGs). It took some time and trial&error to find the correct Maker/Model info to write.

The conversions that NLP makes of them look to be very nice… clearly better color than the exact same negative scanned with a Sony A7m2 with NLP, so the Minolta scanner delivers clearly better scans this way.

That result was actually the reason for me to put the digital-camera-scanning setup back in the storage and keep up with scanning with the Scan Elite 5400. As long as it keeps working, nothing seems to beat it except it’s speed is lacking.

Hi guys, I’m moving this topic over into the new “Silverfast” category…

I’ve been experimenting more with raw profile creation for SilverFast’s 48bit HDR DNG files, and seem to have a formula that is working very nicely.

If anyone has SilverFast HDR RAW files from their scanner model, you can PM me or email me them to me and I will create a profile for you to use with Negative Lab Pro and your scanner model.

More details can be found here:

Hi Nate,

Is this profile available or do we still need to send you files to create one?


The thing is, scanning 48bit HDR DNG files means you lose the iSRD function in silverfast which is very important for dust removal.