Scanning Black and White with Silverfast


i got a few simple questions regarding black and white scanning using silverfast.

First, i always scan as .DNG, would it make a difference if i chose 48bit HDR RAW instead of 16bit HDR RAW for b/w? I mean there are no colors anyway right?

Second, after i import my pictures into lightroom do i still need to do the “Update Vuescan/Silverfast DNGs”? The Color Profile doesnt set even when using this. It does set automatically when i scan black and white at 48bit HDR RAW though. But im not really sure if it does infact make a difference.

Thank you in advance.

So it just came to my mind that i can test this easily.

The first image is scanned at 48 BIT HDR RAW
The Second image is scanned at 16 BIT HDR RAW

both converted using the same options.
In the first one where the color profile sets the tones are way more what i was going for.
Does it mean i have to scan even black and white at 48 BIT?

One size fits all?
You could try to get a similar result using different setting in NLP and decide afterwards.