16 Bit Grey for B&W scanning

ATM I’m solely using Negative Lab Pro for B&W scanning. 48 bit files are overkill for this job. Can you make it a function that a scan be made at 16 bit grey so that then in Lightroom Negative Lab Pro appears as a Profile. Currently it only appears if you scan at 48 bit. The file size saving at 16 bit is large and would def be my preference.



Yes, +1 here. Scanning silver as color is complete overkill and becomes problematic with staining developers like PMK and Pyrocat.

You can scan it at 16 bit bw, it will still work just fine. I have tried it and it worked, I just prefer 48 as I do both bw and colour, and I can’t be bothered changing from 16 bit bw to 48 bit colour, so I just scan everything in 48 bit colour.

Have you had any issues recently with the 16bit workflow? For me, the resulting scans appear to be very underexposed once saved from Vuescan and imported into Lightroom. I’ve tested with the same Vuescan exposure settings in Linear Tiff and 48bit Raw and they come out as the correct density.

This seems to be a new issue. Just wondering if you have experienced it?

Sorry, can’t answer this question because I no longer use Vuescan, it was giving me endless problems after the last update, so I have switched to using silverfast and have to say, thoroughly enjoying it.

Keep in mind that some applications can not handle monochrome scans.

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