Silverfast DNG Workflow question/issue

hi folks, so lovely to join your company :slight_smile:
I used to use silverfast to convert negatives but heard too many good things about NLP, got curious and bought a licence 2 days ago.
Im quite ok with image editing in general and software but ran into an issue I cant seem to solve.
When I scan in silverfast as"48bit HDR RAW" my files come out as TIFF instead of DNGs, they looks very very dense (and red), and finally NLP won’t convert it properly at all… (see second screen grab)
What am I doing wrong here?
One thing, I cant seem to find an option to save DGN in silverfast, is that what’s causing the issue?
Thanks in advance for any tips.

ps all software is up to date.


There’s a post that might be of interest for you: