Keeping original scans

My original DNG scans from vue scan are taking up a lot of space on my hard drives, after countless rolls, it’s amounting to near 100gb. is there a point to me keeping the original DNG files or should i delete them. i keep the edits obviously but i am torn.


I would never throw away my digital negatives - you could always go back to the original negatives (‘real’) but every time you manipulate these you risk damaging them.

hope this helps,


Why not transfer your DNG’s to an external drive.
They are relatively inexpensive these days.
Amazon for example have a 1TB hard drive for (UK) £40
Also plenty of space for other back ups.

Fully agree.
Personally I keep both the scans straight from my scanning software, as well as the DNGs in my Lightroom catalogue.
Hard drives are relatively cheap, but of course you need a good back up system