Macro lense struggles/plain old user error

Hey! I decided a while back to get into scanning my own film. I eventually chose to do it with my Fujifilm XT-30. Since I’m a plain old cheapskate, I bought one of the cheaper macro lenses for the Fuji X system; the 7Artisans 60mm f/2.8 Mark II. The lens has a 1:1 magnification capability and, as previously mentioned, is pretty cheap. Though, now when I’m going to scan my film I can’t fit the entire film in the frame, if I’m to have 1:1. I have tried to circumvent this by making a panorama (taking several pictures and stitching them together in Lightroom) but the process takes a long time and the results are not that great to be honest, especially with my bare bones setup. Is there something I’m personally doing wrong for the film not to fit in the frame or did I get a lens that is inadept for this type of job?
Thanks in advance!

Ps. Also unsure whether this was the right forum to post this in, so sorry if it’s wrong!

Hi there, welcome to the forum. I think the answer is that you don’t to need go to 1:1 even though your lens will do that, just back it off a bit. Your camera is APS-C so has a 23.6 x 15.6 mm sensor so at 1:1 that’s the area of film that it will capture. Great if you actually want to stitch I suppose but overkill really, you would get very good results just by capturing the whole frame in one go at 26.2 MP at the slightly lesser magnification of 1:1.5.

…and I don’t think there is any problem posting a technical question provided it is related in some way to the copying of film with a digital camera, or a scanner in fact.