Missing profiles for gfx100ii

when I try to convert negatives in v3 the plug in it says missing profile negative lab v 2.3. am I doing something wrong? I’ve have run the installer a few times.I tried restarting the computer. I also found the profiles in the library and tried importing them manually with no luck. is there just no current profile for the GFX 100 ii?

Welcome to the forum, @davidosawin

On my Mac, I find the profile in its folder that you should be able to find along this path.

Mac Drive > Library > Application Support > Adobe > CameraRaw > Camera Profiles

I currently have the following GFX profiles, but they cannot be attached to posts in the forum.
Bildschirm 2024-05-01 um 14.04.57

If you find the GFX profiles on your computer, but the one you need is missing, it’s best to get in touch with @nate .

Thanks for your response. That’s helpful. I think I have to do a clean install of the plugin. All my profiles only date up to 2022 for some reason.

Profiles with version number 2.3 were released with NLP version 2.x. They are good for NLP version 3 too.

You can find updated files in a few of Nate’s posts. Searching the forum should find the post, they link to dropbox in all cases I remember.