Need help with scanning setup

I’m trying to get a repeatable setup working to do scans of slides and 35mm negatives. From last count there is about 1500 slides (currently) and 2-3k 35mm negatives. My mother-in-law keeps adding more.

I want a setup that will allow me to put in a strip of 35mm or a slide, take a shot, advance to the next one. I feel the whole light table thing to me would drive me up the wall trying to line things up doing thousands of them.

Using this Nikon ES-2 Film Digitizing Adapter Set seems like it would take all of the guess work out of “positioning” the film.

Can someone tell me what else I would need?

This is equipment that I currently have. I have a Sony a7rii, 55mm 1.8, a 5dm3, 100mm macro, Tripods, ball heads.

Would the Sony FE 50mm f/2.8 Macro work with the Nikon ES-2 or would I really need the 60mm lens? What would you suggest?

I feel the other main thing so would need is a light source. What would you suggest for that?

After browsing around here…I think I found what I’m going to do. …roduktanzeige.a​sp?nr=2458(external link)

Get the Kaiser Filmcopy Vario kit 2458. Comes with the light source, it will let me lineup the shot once with the box, and then should allow me to just slide the film through and then take another shot. Minimizing the movement.

Any thoughts?

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Hi, I’m considering using Nikon ES-2 myself, how did you proceed?