Negative Lab Pro slow on Lightroom on Mac

How to i get NLP to work faster in LR ? When ever i move slider or any presets it take a few seconds before i see the results . Thanks for any help .

Please add some info about your Mac.

  • HDD or SSD?
  • CPU and RAM?
  • version of macOS?
  • Image files stored locally or on a Server or NAS?
  • etc.

Samsung 850 EVO SSD
MacOS Monterey 12.7.1
3.2 Ghz Quad-Core Intel i5
32 GB 1867 MHz DDR3
Image stored on Scan disk 4TB SSD external

Does it make a difference if you put the images you work with on your internal drive? Or is the internal drive too full to accomodate a folder containing, say, 100 images?

Best way would be to use a newer Mac with Apple Silicon in it. But if you can’t do that right now:

You didn’t say what sort of graphics processor you have. Be sure Lightroom Classic is set properly for that. (Preferences —> Performance Tab —> Use Graphics Processor settings).

Close all non-essential applications. This will insure that your desired software gets maximum system resources.

Optimize Lightroom performance may be of some help.

Do be sure you are using the latest version of MacOS that your hardware can handle, and that your version of LrC is the latest available for that hardware and OS. Adobe has increased the requirements for their software significantly since your Mac was introduced. Some older Macs and versions of MacOS cannot run the latest versions of the Adobe products.