Negative Lab Pro v2.2 - The Next Level of Color, Tone & Control

Hmm, make sure that Lightroom is CLOSED when you run the installer (otherwise it will hold on to the old version). Also, make sure the installer you are running is the v2.2 installer (not the v2.0 installer - if they are in the same download folder, it is easy to mistake one for the other).

Try re-running the installer making sure Lightroom is closed and see if it works that time. If that still doesn’t work, check in the plugin manager (File > Plug-in Manager). Try removing Negative Lab Pro there, and then re-add, making sure it is sourcing from “users/{your username}/Plugins/NegativeLabPro.lrplugin”. You should see the version in the plugin manager list as 2.2.

Awesome Nate, you are a legend :star_struck:

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I didn’t think NLP coulb be even better, you prooved me wrong.
Awesome work, i’m testing the new version on my last wedding captured 100% on film, it’s brillant.

I may have to redo all my galleries for previous client though…It’s THAT great :sweat_smile:!


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Removing and re-adding and making sure it was looking in the right place worked. Thank you!

Thanks for this!
Question… I updated from the previous NLP on LRClassic (mac os). I do see the new dialogue & features when converting negatives, but after I convert, the “Profile” shown in the LR Develop module says “Negative Lab v2.0,” not 2.2. Is this normal? Just making sure :slight_smile:
Thank you

Awesome! Great job! Thanks Nate.

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Thank you very much!

Just installed 2.2 and it looks exciting except for one problem. It doesn’t recognize my already scanned raw files as original negatives; rather it sees my converted raw file as if it were a negative even though it is a positive. So when I select unconvert, it does convert the positive to a negative and thinks that is the positive. The same thing happens if I select ‘reset photo.’ Any solution to this, as I want to try version 2.2 on my already scanned photos.

Hey, I cant find the LUTs in windows. Are they there somewhere?

Cheers Nate
It’s been a busy & important launch day for you so I’m hugely grateful that you’ve made such a prompt and full response to my post.
First I have an admission. I was so focused on using the NLP interface and watching what was happening to the image, I never noticed that it was all being reflected in the LR histogram. I realized this after paying more attention to your support pages so I’ve been using LR’s clipping warnings for most of today. I feel much more in control and I think the results reflect this. So apologies for my misunderstanding.
I have a couple of rolls away for developing and they should be back in the next few days. Hopefully they’ll give me some negs that will benefit from the other suggestions you have included.
I do have one other question
LUTs don’t appear to be working in 2.19? There’s the warning “LUTs require a color model” I’m using LR Classic’s 9.4 release including Camera Raw 12.4.
Perhaps this will be resolved with 2.2? But I’m still waiting for an email with the download link.

Thanks for everything

Sorted, just missed copying the folder. Sorry.

COLOR LUTS: Hello! I installed the 2.2 update via the instructions I received via email. The install seems to have gone as you directed except I get a “COULD NOT LOCATE LUTS” message when I open the plugin. I am using Lightroom Classic 9.4 on MacOS 10.14.6. I checked the download folder and the only items in the folder is the OS X installer, a READ ME file and a Change Log file. Did I miss a step in the installation?


Hey, I’m currently using LR6 for conversion processing and a lot of the features aren’t available for the new update. If there a way of getting them onto this version of LR? Additionally, does the new autocolouring update work with LR6?
Thanks in advance, keep up the god work!

Awesome, thank you @emgk!

Yep, that’s normal. I don’t come out with new raw camera profiles with each version.

Sounds like you may be accidentally selecting a positive copy.

The LUTs won’t work on Black & White photos. So if your color model is set to B+W, you will see that message.

Hi, follow the steps here to make sure the LUTs get added:

Hi, the only thing that isn’t supported with LR6 are the LUTs. Everything else mentioned in the post should work for LR 6.

Hi Nate
I still haven’t received the email with the upgrade. Have checked junk & spam et al, but nothing there. Can you check & resend if necessary?
Cheers Roger

Wow, this is such a great update. I’ve been experimenting with some challenging emulsions, like the 3M CP400 which is rebranded ferrania solaris. Previously I could not get that to color balance in any pleasing way. I simply had to settle for making it into an interpretation that was anything but satisfactory to me. Now, within a few clicks and slight color changes in NLP directly, I was able to achieve great results; better than I could do with dumping to a TIFF and adjusting further in Lightroom.

Thank you for this update!

Finally, I’m not sure if this is possible or not given the limitations of the curves, is it possible to add a color saturation/vibrance tweak to NLP as well? I’ve had some luck converting, further tweaking vibrance and saturation, then reopening NLP to adjust the color shifts those sliders introduced.

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Besides fixing redeye and dust, the two most common things I do outside of NLP in LR directly are adjusting saturation, and using the ‘dehaze’ magic contrast slider. I don’t know how to simulate either of those with the NLP tools.

Awesome! :facepunch:

I’m working on a technique to do this that should be in v3

  • Red-eye - hmm, yeah there isn’t a way to do that on the negative itself that I’m aware of.
  • Dehaze - I also don’t think there is a way to make this work
  • Dust Removal - The spot healing brush in LR should work as well on the negative as it does the positive. But of course, this tool is best used if there are only a few pieces of dust that need removing.
  • Saturation – I do plan on adding saturation in the next version

I also just added a new section to the Official Guide that shows some other cool things you do with Lightroom & NLP:

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Hi Nate.
I still haven’t received the update email. I’ve check my spam & junk folders, but it’s in neither. Could you check if it’s been sent & resend if necessary? Thanks for the note on LUTs.
Cheers Roger_North

As far as I’ve tested v 2.2, I’m quite content with the new functionality - but it takes some getting used to.

BTW, I manually installed v 2.2 on my multi-account mac, it took a few trials, but it works now.

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