Negative Lab Pro v2.4 - Saturation Control, Faster Conversions, More Precise Editing and much more

Really appreciate that, @mike_kukavica! I’ve loved providing free updates for the past four years because I want everyone to benefit from the improvements, but yes, having paid updates will help ensure I can keep building and improving long into the future!


I can almost not see the backdrop of the sliders because the blue strip is too wide and bright. I’d prefer to have no strip at all, the slider handles are all it needs imo.

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I agree @Digitizer - there just isn’t a way for me to change this in Lightroom’s plugin SDK. It was actually crazy complicated to get the slider to overlay on top of the color bar (and in fact, I have not found a way to do this in Windows, so the Windows UI is a little different here).

Maybe it’s better to simplify things and omit the color bar?
Can you post a screenshot of DPL on windows?

This is how it look in Windows for reference:

Screen Shot 2022-11-28 at 11.30.45 AM

Even though it isn’t ideal, the color bar definitely provides a a visual clue as to what to expect when you move the slider in a given direction.

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@nate Has anyone called you a hero yet?

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Hello. Just wondering where things are w/ regard to V3?


Anxiously looking forward to Ver. 3.0, too. Ver. 2.4 is great but roll analysis sounds like a potential game-changer for consistent and accurate white balance.

Getting close to v3… But I want to make sure it is all working great before I share out. Looking like it will be late February before it is officially ready…

Just to give some specifics on the delay, I have had to spend a lot of time refining the way that Roll Analysis stores its data and the way it gets defined because of some limitations in the Lightroom SDK, but it will be way better now… you can define a roll however you’d like (even down to a single calibration frame, which is really really useful), you can organize it into a group (I’ve found it really useful to organize by the film name), you can manage your groups (to hide or show groups), and it is easy to move all of your roll data to a new computer if you need to. I’ll share a video demo soon here in the forum announcements…

I also have some delay related to the payment service that I use (Gumroad). I haven’t been entirely happy with them recently (issues with them going down during Black Friday, and customers appearing to get charged for payments that never went through) and they are now raising their fee by over 400%. It’s a bit of a fiasco. So I’m also in the middle of migrating to a new payment processor and licensing SDK. But that will be sorted soon.

Thanks for your patience!!! It will be worth it!



What will be the fee for v3?


For any purchases made after Oct 1, 2022, the upgrade will be included free with their current licence.

For purchases made before that, the upgrade fee will be $49.


Hope you’ve found a better payment solution – that hike is INSANE. Hyped to get my hands on v3 when it’s polished! Keep up the good work

Hey Nate. I bought the V2.4 recently. Is there anyway to get hands on the V3 pre-release for free rn? Thanks.

I would assume you’ll get v3 update for free if you bought after October 2022 as Nate wrote above.
As far as I know, there is no “public” pre-release yet. :slight_smile:

Well just need to wait a bit longer. But I’m sure Nate is working on it to deliver once again a great update.

Heyy are there news on V3?
Or maybe aven a beta version?


Also wondering bout V3!
Looking forward to the roll analysis!


Also looking forward to V3. Are we near? Anxiously waiting. :blush: :grin: Just kidding. It is a great program even as it stands.

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Can we have an update on 3.0 please? I’m an early adopter and January is a distant memory now… Thanks, David

About to enter third wave of beta, which should be the last, and then it will be officially released.