Negative Lab Pro v3.0 - The Next Level of Film Processing

There was some good discussion of this in the past on this forum:

Someone in the thread ran a test compiling the libraries on his own which were native to Apple Silicon. The only improvement was during conversion analysis, and it was a smaller improvement than you might imagine (~15%). I know that is still an improvement, but there are probably other opportunities for improvement that are even larger (for instance, I added improvements in v2.4 that made conversions almost 2x faster than v2.3, and that was just from memory optimization in the code.

That said, I’m of course open to re-exploring, the tricky thing is making the libraries standalone and transportable.


Hi Nate! i Buy V3 on November 27, 2022 and a have a license key, but not working…

For those on the upgrade path from v2.x, when can we expect to have access to v3? Thanks!

Hi Nate, I’m very excited to start playing with this!

I tried entering my License Key (both V2 and V3) from my purchase email from November in Plugin Manager but the “activate” button remains greyed out. I can’t find anything about this in the documentation or forums.

What am I missing?

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I understood for update v3 you should paid upgrade in otherwise you will stand still last version of v2

Yes, you need to pay to upgrade to v3…unless you purchased v2 within the last 6 months, which is my case. Now I see v3 is out for all on the main page but you can either download the free v3 trial or pay for the upgrade to v3. I haven’t received an email or see a way to get my free upgrade. Guess I have to be more patient.

Is this a reply to me? I have paid for V3. I probably should have tagged @nate in my post above. If I don’t hear back I’ll send an email.

For anyone who pre-purchased the upgrade, you should have received an email titled “Negative Lab Pro v3.0 is here!” which included your new license key to use for v3. You cannot use the old one (issued from gumroad) because I’ve migrated to a new store provider (Lemon Squeezy).

If you do not have that email, you can go to My Orders - Lemon Squeezy and enter the email address you used to purchase the upgrade, and it will email you a link to see your order details, including your new license details.

For anyone who purchased Negative Lab Pro v2.x after October 1st, 2022, I’m just waiting for your accounts to migrate to the new store provider, so I can send you your new licenses for v3. Unfortunately, this is something they have to do for me, so I can’t guarantee when it will be completed, but it shouldn’t be much longer.


Ah, that works, thanks! I missed that second email and was trying to use the license key from the older pre-purchase email.

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No email has been sent yet to V2 purchasers, as far as I know, (I bought V2.4 around 2-3 months ago).


Just done a roll of cinestill 400D v3 with roll analysis, absolutely stunning, so much better than anything else

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Looking good! :raised_hands: Thanks for sharing!

Thanks for all your work

So excited for this to be available for v2.x users, the updates look great. Thanks for all you do!

Another shot from V3 Cinestill 400D, same roll


If i get an upgrade liscence now (lets say today) it should work directly or is also afected by the migration? and where is the link to download 2.4 version? I can not find a way to download my liscenced software

Yes, the paid upgrade is working. But hoping to get the free upgrade migration out by tomorrow (LemonSqueezy finally finished the initial migration, but there were some issues they still need to correct).

You should have an email from when you purchased v2.4.2 (and earlier) with the title “You got Negative Lab Pro” and that will always contain a download link to v2.4.2.

I will also add a link back on the download page that I host here… a lot of the past emails I’ve sent direct people to the download page, and I didn’t really think that through! So hang tight and that will be back up…

UPDATE: The 2.4.2 download link is now available on the main download page again.

I have upgraded two or three days ago and it works without problems.

Hi, I have submitted my v.3.0 trial version request twice, but I am not getting an email with the download link.
I do have a licence for v.2.xx and want to try it against the new version to see if I gain anything, quality wise, on my existing dslr scanned files.
Thanks and regards

From what I remember the link comes as a text pop up in the same screen. See if you can switch off pop up and/or ad blockers and try again. That worked for me.

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