Negative Lab Pro v3.0 - The Next Level of Film Processing

Roll analysis!!! What an elegant solution to one of the largest issues with at home scanning! And what a treat to be grandfathered into the new version. Thank you for not making NLP a subscription service or where you have to buy every new version as it comes out. It says a lot about what you value and how you see your community. Much appreciated and I’m so glad to see you continuing to provide support and improvements to your work. This new update has made me very happy. It shows you listen and care. Presents, copy paste sync, and a warm in between neutral and warm! Everything in this update is something I desperately wanted in this software!


Everything you said :100:

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Thanks … no pop up in my case.
However, I have resolved it … the download link is under “My Downloads” … oh well …
All is well that ends well.

Nate I did not receive the email to upgrade to V3.0 yet. I purchased 2.4.2 a few months ago.

Is there a way to save soft highs/lows as default in the preset tab? I use it on every roll and I’d love to just keep it as default, but I can’t seem to find the option when saving a preset

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Hi, first search your email for an email titled “Negative Lab Pro v3 is here!” which would have come from It could have ended up in spam or in another folder.

If you can’t find that, please email me at It is helpful to know what email you used to purchase if you are sending from a email that is different.

Sorry about that! I will get this added in v3.0.3.

Per psajgal: A way to save soft high and low as default would be nice.

Also: The new “Sync Scene,” after I save a new single frame analysis in the “Roll” tab, it changes the conversion to something else (or maybe the initial conversion in the history). I want to save it as I see it, after I’ve done some settings changes. Having it possibly revert or change is negates the reason to save a new frame analysis.

I see at least a workaround is to “Copy” the Edit settings, then do a roll analysis Single Frame, then go back and “Paste” the Edit settings.

I’m bringing back “sync scene” soon so that you will be able to use Sync Scene as you had previously…

But just note that if you are already using Roll Analysis on a group of photos (i.e. your analysis is set to something other than “The Image Only”), then you would just want to use “sync” and copy over all the settings. This would match the photos.

Does that make sense? You currently only would need to create a single-frame calibration if you hadn’t used Roll Analysis on the roll…

Does that make sense?


Can’t wait! It did work very nicely on 2.4.2 for my image stitching workflow.

Hi Nate,

any chance there will be an ARM update soon? I try to remain Rosetta free on my Mac Studio, so for NLP I still have to use my old iMac. Would be great if the Plugin would work natively on the not so new anymore Macs.

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I saved over one of the NLP film presets and now everytime I use it, it uses the roll that was selected when I did the preset update. Is there a way to revert the presets back to the original settings?

Thank you

Yep! Try this:

  1. First, with Negative Lab Pro open, select the preset you want to update
  2. Make a change to any setting, then change it back (you should see an asterisk “*” appear next to the name of the preset, indicating that it has been changed)
  3. Now click the preset dropdown again, and you should see the option now to “update” the preset

Screen Shot 2024-02-17 at 11.11.04 AM

  1. In the dialog box that comes up, make sure that the “Roll Settings” section is NOT selected, and then click “Update Preset”

  1. Then hit “Apply” to close Negative Lab Pro, and save those changes to file

Now that preset will not change the roll setting when applied.


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@nate It’s been a bit since I’ve seen any updates, just curious what’s currently being worked on or in the pipeline! I searched in the facebook group too, not sure if that’s the place to go look for the latest and greatest. thanks!

3.1 coming soon…

Big news for anyone who works with slides or digital photos! Lots more to share here soon…

It will also have quite a few bug fixes and quality of life improvements, including a major improvement to stability when working with batches of 1,000+ negatives.

I was hoping also include Auto-Crop in this release, and I’ve made a ton of progress on the model, but it’s not quite there yet, and I know that I’m long overdue to an update!



*Awesome * about the slides.