NegLabPro-2.3 New Exposure Control affects Color

When posting about Image Conversion Issues, please include the following information:

  1. Which version of Negative Lab Pro are you using? Negative Lab Pro 2.3.

  2. If using DSLR scanning, please include: 1) camera make/model, 2) lens make/model, 3) light source make/model. 1) Olympus O=MD E-M1, 2) Olympus mini four thirds 30mm Macro f 3.5, 3) Medalight LP-100N

  3. Please add the conversion you are having difficulty with, along with a short description of what you are seeing wrong with it.
    Issue when applying a +4 Exposure increase there is a noticeable shift in color and tone it is even more noticeable when increased further.

  4. It’s not required, but it’s very helpful if you can provide a link to the original RAW or TIFF negative before conversion. If you don’t want to share this file publicly, you can also email it to me at
    Sent via e-mail. Original raw file and two screen captures to show what is displayed on my screen.

I started with an original ORF raw file previously converted in V 2.2, I first unconverted and then used the upgrade v 2.3 The only other change I made is to apply the preset NLP-Camera-Frontier-200.
The negative film is 35mm from 1983. So it is not the best nan no autofocus lens.

I think I have figured out what happened, The preset I applied changed the Profile I applied from Negative Lab Pro 2.3 to 2.0.
I Will have to start over my testing and learn what all those presets are used for.

Ok, I am still seeing the same issue even if a preset is not applied.

I have tested some new images and do not experience the problem described with the earlier images.