New 35mm/120 film carrier

I just have found this recently. I thought I’d post. Looks interesting. My only question is if the negative is kept flat. Seems really well made.

I think I’ll give it a try.

It is bad form not to mask off that portion of the light source that does not illuminate the film.

WHY? Because the stray light contributes to contrast reducing flare, internal lens reflections, and therefore, degrades the image.

A simple black mat board the size of the light box, with a cutout for the film holder, solves this.

I think I’ve posted wrong video. I don’t care about the light…just the film holder.

EDIT: I just relinked the video to proper one.

This holder completely ignores the need to achieve transparencies flatness too. Without a press mask it can be a problem with 35mm while it will be a catastrophe with 120 …

Think twice.

True that. I need to look for some more alternatives. I badly need a solution where I can easily advance the film. There is Beseler Negatrans 120 but I can’t find O-RINGS for it.

Kaiser makes a altered enlarger masking holder that is highly adaptable - masks and AN glass can be bought as a accessory.

Check this. I am not sure how the supply in the US is though.

I’ve found some great 3d Printing options similar to Negative Supply. I am going to create a seperate topic on it . Maybe there is someone here who knows who to edit 3d models. These holders seem perfect but they need couple of changes to be PERFECT.

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That seems expensive to me. I’ve been using this terrific kit:


That’s a very useful video. When he slides the 35mm film into the carrier you can see from the way the light reflects off then surface that the film is far from flat. 120 film would be worse so I’m crossing this option off my list.

I’ve found some great 3d printed solutions similar to Negative Supply film carrier. I am going to create post about it.

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