Nikkor AI Micro 105mm f4 bad sharpness

Hey, I have a problem with the lens as in the title because it gives very poor sharpness. I bought it recently from japan for making film reproductions/scans. After the first roll I immediately realized that something was wrong by the poor sharpness. All reviews of this glass talk about its fantastic sharpness which my copy does not have. Under the light it looks like the lens has no fungus and is clean inside. Scans/reproductions taken with Nikon D7200 with 24mp sensor. Any ideas what it could be? Below I add examples from the Ektachrome roll. :grinning:

That looks totally out of focus. I assume you know that you have to use Live View for critical focussing. I’d use f/8 or f/11 as the taking aperture. If you did all that and this is the best you can get, the lens is most probably defective. I’ve had a Micro-Nikkor 4/105 a long time ago and it was adequately sharp.

The slide you copied is is sharp, right? :wink:

So i’ve tested this lens a little with others subjects than films and I still cannot achieve really sharp results at any aperture number between f4 and f32. I’ll go with it to the Service this week and see what they say. This roll of slide was shot with my trusty Nikon F5 with mostly 16-35 lens on a tripod so the photo itself is surely in focus

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