Nikon ES-2 availability to borrow or rent of buy?

I have undertaken digitizing my negatives and slides. I have used the Nikon ES-1 as well as an Epson scanner, and I am finished with the MF stuff and the slides. Now I have binders fill of 35mm negatives left to do and the ES-1 can handle that, but with limitations, like single negatives.
In the interest of efficiency I am looking for an ES-2, but they have been backorderd for months with no idea of when available. I’m on the lists at BH and Adorama for months.
Does anyone have one sitting idle, that I could borrow, or rent, or perhaps buy from a member of this community? It would seem that once a job is done, these devices see limited if any usefulness, so may just be clutter?

I can see quite a bunch of ES-2s on ebay

Right, but $100 over list; same with Amazon. When they are ava BH/adorama has them for 139.
Backordered even on the Nikon site (@$149)

Might I suggest getting a Skier light box? They have a attachment that will let you capture full frame as well (including sprockets.

Thanks for the tip! I didn’t know this existed and when searching for it, it opened up a number of other similar items to consider. Helpful tip. One thing I see though is that using this, or similar would, best use, need a copy stand and an LED light tablet. I had rigged a setup using the “glass” from an old X-Ray box and used a LED shoplight behind that…worked very well with the Nikon ES-1. That light source would not work with a copy stand. So, the ES2 is still maybe the winner here, but I need to look into your suggestion further and maybe can rig something to work. Again, thank you very much.

The skier copy box set comes with light, holders, gloves etc. and works best in a vertical setup, where the camera points downwards. According to what I read in several posts, the box can get really hot though.