Skier Copy Box where to buy

I’m mostly scanning slides and switching from flatbed to camera. Skier Copy Box looks like a good way to go, but where to buy it. Wonder why it seems no one in USA stocks it. Not even B&H, my go to for photo equipment. All the places that are Googled as to selling the Skier say out of stock. Kind of leery ordering from Taiwan.

Cinestill is the only US dealer for Skier products but they’re currently not available through them. Plenty of us on here who own one have ordered directly through them from Taiwan without issues.

How did people pay? Credit card or Pay Pal?

I ordered one directly from Skier in Taiwan and got it no problem. The guy who handles (and I think builds) the lightboxes communicated with me directly and was really helpful and professional. I wouldn’t worry about ordering directly from them.
Don’t get worried if it doesn’t track for a few days. Pretty typical with these types of international shipping services.

It’s a great tool at a really good price. The holders are so-so the larger the film format goes, but anything better gets crazy expensive fast.

Buy Direct, support the maker. Great company and quick shipping.

Well, I ordered from Cine today. Anxiously awaiting!