Selling Skier Sunray box II

Not sure if this is allowed here, but I thought I would give it a try. Selling my Skier Sunray Box II. It’s in excellent condition and was only used for scanning around 12 rolls of film. Price is $150 USD. Willing to ship, I’m located in Toronto Canada in case there is any local pickup interest. Please email me if interested:

I am in Toronto and may be interested in buying your Skier Sunray Box II.
What is included and what is the difference between your Box II and the Box III which superseded it?

Apologies for the late response! I thought I had email notifications for this but clearly I do not. Included with the box are the two film carriers (135 and 120). Not too sure the exactly differences between the box II and III to be honest. I think the box III has adjustable brightness settings. Feel free to email me with anymore questions: