Skier Sunray - Curling Negatives

Has anyone had an issue with the Skier Sunray light table.

After about one roll it gets very hot as a result my negative come out significantly more curled than when they went in.

If anyone has any advice it would be greatly appreciated.

The Skier box does get hot, but my negs are in there for only a few seconds so it doesn’t affect them in my workflow.

I scan a film, turn off the light box and process the film in NLP, after this is done light has cooled back down ready for next film. It would be a pain if You did several rolls of film one after the other - would get very hot.

I can’t say I have noticed any issues of curl scanning one roll at a time. For info I cut a roll into strips of 6, I don’t feed through a full film so this probably helps as well.

This all applies to 135 film, I can’t get the 120 holder to work as film won’t feed through correctly.