Nikon ES-2 Flatness and Light Source

I haven’t tried it I’m afraid as I’ve done the conversions in Flexcolor. With another piece of software called Colorperfect there is a bit of a rigmarole to go through, it may be fine with NLP.

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I have Colorperfect, but it doesn’t seem to work correctly on my system anymore. I much prefer NLP, but am curious to try out Negmaster as well.

I’m guessing that you don’t have any 3F colour negative scans from your previous rental sessions?

Yep! Just rename the extension from 3f to tiff, and you can load them into Lightroom and convert them with Negative Lab Pro.

You can learn more here:


No, I only output tiffs back then. I’m going to dig up those files to see how they look now. They were mostly b/w, but I have some color negs in there.

It’s great that Nate has come in to point out that he has a recommended workflow for Imacon/Hasselblad scanners and that he specifically recommends scanning to 3F, I’d forgotten but I see that I had bookmarked it so I should have known. I agree that it is an incovenience to have to use a separate program if everything can be done in Lightroom and as I said above it is getting problematic to run Flexcolor these days. Flexcolor must have been one of the first image processing software packages to introduce non-destructive editing with their 3F format but of course it hasn’t been supported for years.

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