Nikon Scan with Negative Lab Pro

I am using for 35mm a Nikon Coolscan 4000. Are there any expierience scanning negatives as positives in Nikon Scan and then converted in NLP?
For medium format I use an Epson and the Workflow in Epson Scan for NLP works fine.

Which settings are useful in Nikon Scan for a nice conversion in Negative Lab Pro?



Any ideas?

Would be nice If someone already tried Nikon Scan.

Hi @Olli99,

I don’t have any direct experience with NikonScan, but I have chatted with a number of users who do, and can provide a few tips.

First, I understand that NikonScan has the ability to scan to .NEF files, but my understanding is that Lightroom can’t really interpret these properly, so you are probably better off sticking to TIFF for use with Negative Lab Pro.

Second, it’s recommended that you set the gamma to 2.2 for the scan.

Third, at least in the examples I’ve been sent that were produced with NikonScan, I get the best results starting off with the “Linear + Gamma” tone setting in Negative Lab Pro. And in some cases, you may have to make significant adjustments to “brightness.”

I hope to do a deeper dive of Nikon Scan in the future, but in the meantime, hopefully other users can jump in and offer tips!

Hope that helps!

Thank you for your explanation. I tried some negatives now with Nikon Scan but it won’t satisfied me.
Now I give Vuescan a try but there is one problem:
I scan the RAW DNG like in the tutorial. After converting I see the NLP camera profile. The problem is now that my conversions have a strong orange/red cast. In film type neutral or cooling it is most of the time ok but not perfect. Warming, Standard, Kodak or Fuji have a very strong orange/red cast and are almost useless.
I tried scanning this negatives with my digital camera and there it works fine (but without ICE :frowning:)

I am using Vuescan 9.6.47 and a Nikon Coolscan 4000.

Hope you can help me


Does anyone have an idea?


In Vuescan in the input panel, are you scanning in “image” mode or “negative” mode? The ‘negative’ mode changes the gain of each of the color channels, and I believe the Coolscan 4000 can independently control this on the hardware side, so if you are consistently seeing strong orange casts, it’s possible something has gone wrong there.

If you send me a few raw images I can take a look.

Your histogram of the negative should look something like this…

…with the color channels separate and red on the furthest right area.

If you see that the the histogram is further to the right than the fourth quadrant on the right, it can be helpful to lower the exposure prior to conversion so that everything is to the left of fourth quadrant. Like this…

And then try the conversion.

I’m finding that Lightroom’s highlight compression can particularly screw things up with Vuescan DNGs.


Hello Nate,
I sent you a Dropbox Link. Did you receive it?