NLP Stand Alone Version - Unshackled from Adobe

There are so many image editors out there and so many people that don’t want to have to pay a subscription to Adobe. It would be a big jump for NLP to have a stand alone version. For example all the people using Lightroom’s, probably biggest, competitor Capture One. Capture One doesn’t have the plugin API to support NLP sadly but a stand alone version gets around that issue nicely. Along with people using the dozen other image editor options.

With a stand alone version that could process and export negatives to DNGs or tiffs, people could then take those and edit them as they want in Lightroom, Capture One, etc. Everyone wins. I understand there’s a good amount of development time involved to make a stand alone version, but it opens up this tool to so many more People.


I 2nd this idea. I’m actually surprised to learn C-One doesn’t provide API support.

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Considering market shares for Adobe Lightroom Classic vs all other image editors, it might make more business sense to enhance NLP for better integration with Lightroom (and Photoshop).

I’m not happy with subscription pricing, but the alternative is pricey updates on new releases. With the subscription model, new and enhanced features are rolled out every two months instead of a “big bang” in 12-18 months

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