NLP - Lightroom Alternatives

In light of the recent ToS changes and aggressive content scraping by Adobe, I’m looking for any and all ways to dump their software. Almost all of my professional work is either already migrated or easily migrated at this point… except NLP

Is it still the case that no other software (C1 especially) offer broad enough SDK support to make NLP work? Maybe this is crazy but any chance of a standalone version?

Thanks for everything Nate, really loving the results I get compared to my old 100% Silverfast workflow


Welcome to the forum @definlayson

Using NLP without Lightroom Classic or any other app would be really great (until @nate starts to add AI…) and I’d really welcome NLP as a standalone application rather than an add-on to another app that will, sooner or later, get into AI training…

Whether NLB can/will be changed to be a standalone app for both macOS and Windows running on different platforms, only @nate can say.



From the looks of it, NLP probably relies a lot on the symbiotic relationship it has with Adobe Lightroom, and it’s probably why it’s cheap but well featured at the same time. I don’t think it is feasible to ask @nate to code an entire image processing application from the ground up, but at least support for the most common open source alternatives, that should be feasible even if it might not result in a 1to1 conversion.

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Long time NLP user. Really hoping we get some support for other software, Capture One would be great but apparently, the SDK is limited. I will not be using Adobe products going forward; this is the only thing holding me back from canceling my Adobe CC subscription right now.


I also have to get rid of all my Adobe products. I’m ready to buy whatever software that NLP will support. Right now it’s only NLP that holds me back from ditching adobe today. Huge headache for Nate I’m sure. Hopefully we can move forward somehow.