NLP V2.3 Panel , NLP is Large than screen

hi guys , anyone use nlp with MacBook Pro 13.3 inch ?

*cause I have Problem with the panel of NLP is Large than screen , I cannot see the two button in the bottom!

Screen Shot 2021-09-11 at 4.08.16 PM|690x387

I use NLP v.2.2.0 on a M1 MacBook Air and can see the whole GUI. Looks like NLP v.2.3.0 is too tall

Curious, how do you get version 2.3? I would love to get signed up for NLP alphas/betas since I have a digital camera that doesn’t appear to be supported by 2.2.

From the fb group , u can get the beta

@Arianhoorn thanks! I’m new to NLP and didn’t know about the FB group. I just sent a request to join.

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