NLP compatible with Apple M1?

Hi is anyone on the forum using NLP with an Apple M1 machine? Either the Mac mini, Mac Pro or MacBook Air M1? I’m considering purchasing the M1 MacBook Air but want to make sure NLP is compatible with the new hardware.

Please let me know!


Check here:

I’m using NLP on a MacBook Pro M1 13”. no problems.

When Lightroom Classic is finally fully M1 Native/Universal, it is quite likely you will need to go into the Get Info dialog and choose to use the INTEL version of the software (via Rosetta 2). That is assuming Nick hasn’t updated the plug-in to run as ARM compatible code.

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The ARM-native version of Lightroom Classic was released this week. It would be nice to hear how everything works for those who have updated. I’m also curious whether NLP is based on architecture-dependent code or if runs natively automatically when Lightroom is updated.

Did the LrC update (to version 10.3) on both Macs and noticed the following, apart from the new features:

  • Intel Mac: Nothing
  • M1 MacBook Air: First start took longer than usual, subsequent starts were super-fast

Update: I’ve now checked on M1. NLP runs smoothly on it. One thing I noticed is, that I cannot cancel NLP, once it has started…

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