Transferred from 2016 iMac to new Mac Studio & Ventura

HELP! I cannot get NLP to work now after transferring to a new MAC Studio that is running Ventura. I was able to unconvert the image, but when I tried to do a convert back I got the following error message - I was testing NLP at this point to make sure everything was working after the Migration Assistant step.
Do I have to do a reinstall of NLP or is there another fix. I was reluctant to do a reinstall 'cause I was apphrensive that it would impact all the hundreds of conversions I have already completed.
Screenshot 2023-02-03 at 3.24.36 PM|505x499

… as we were trying to run the AutoColor 2.0 script.


“/Librarv/Application Support/Adobe/Lightroom/Modules/ NegativeLabPro.Irplugin/mac/magick”"/var/folders/lq/

2dĂ—2flf92gjdzqhI510q5Đł040000gn/T/00001.tif" -profile "/Library/Application

Support/Adobe/Lightroom/Modules/NegativeLabPro.Irplugin/profiles/ ProPhoto.icc" -blur 0x1 \ -clone 0 -channel R -nor…

Error Message:

sh: /Librarv/Application Support/Adobe/Lightroom/Modules/ NegativeLabPro.Irplugin/mac/magick: Bad CPU tvpe in executable

Exit Status: 32256

thanks I’m desperate

Hey – Welcome to the forum!

I believe this error is caused due to the fact that Rosetta 2 is missing on the system (allowing you to run Intel CPU software on Apple Silicon).

Please see this site on how to fix things:

Would suggest to go via the command line, see the headline “How to Install Rosetta 2 via Command Line on Apple Silicon Mac”.

Once installed, everything should work just fine.

– Chris


Thank you so much. I realized a few minutes ago that I have an M1 chip so I did the Rosetta install. I really appreciate you responding so quickly and feel rather foolish to have wasted your time. So far all looks well.
Again thanks.

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No need to feel bad for this, I personally don’t find the fix to be so obvious. Rosetta 2 should be a default but Apple seems to think different, literally :slight_smile:


Perhaps Nate can indicate when there will be an NLP version specifically designed for Apple Silicon?

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The issue is the 3rd party libraries I use for the image analysis (ImageMagick) and export metadata (ExifTool). Both of these still seem to require Rosetta, and so there isn’t much I can do on that front. But I will keep a lookout and update that if it changes!

The good news though is that I would not expect to see any speed differences to the editing process in Negative Lab Pro, since this is being powered by Lightroom, which is running natively.


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Thanks for that Nate.

I don’t see any speed issues either.

My only concern would be whether Apple will drop support for Rosetta in a future OS update before you are able to do without it. As you may be aware, Apple Computer is notorious for inadequate compatibility arrangements with other developers’ software on their systems from one upgrade to the next. This puts developers (big and small) in very awkward positions for maintaining seamless functionality of their products.

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Oh believe me, I’ve noticed that, haha :crazy_face:

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I have no doubt! : :smiley:

Not sure it’s an option for you, but both tools are available as native apple silicon versions, if you compile them manually. They aren’t available as binary downloads though.