Magick not recognised on Mac

Hi folks.

I tried converting black and white negs for the first time today and had this message. Does anyone know how to resolve please? Thanks!

Looks like an installation issue. Mac screenshots and NLP asking for something from the Windows download. While it is possible to manually install NLP on a Mac using the contents of the Windows download, a few things can go wrong.

In order to work properly, the plugin needs to be a) read/write accessible by the user and b) present where Lightroom’s module manager has registered the plugin…

Thanks for that - much appreciated.
I seem to have loaded a mix of the Mac and Windows trial version on my Mac (old age is a terrible thing).
I bought the full version and had issues finding in in Lightroom. I found some mention (I can’t recall where) of how to find the plug in on a search and attach it manually - how is this done again please?
How do I fully uninstall, so I can reinstall please?
I think I need to hit ‘reset’.



Hard to say, because I have no idea where you’ve put things. You might want to check the pages about installation and update:

Try running the Mac Installer again. At the end, you get a window with text. Select the text (cmd-A) and paste it to a Textedit document for reference…

The installer script mentions the following places where NLP puts stuff:

  1. ~/Library/Application\ Support/Adobe/Lightroom/Develop\ Presets
  2. ~/Library/Application\ Support/Adobe/CameraRaw/CameraProfiles
  3. ~/Library/Application\ Support/Adobe/CameraRaw/Settings


  • PROFILES=NegativeLab\ Camera\ Profiles
  • VUESCANPROFILES=Vuescan\ Profiles
  • PRESETS=NLP\ Enhanced\ Settings

Try to find the places mentioned above for the cleanup

Cheers Nathan - much appreciate the help.