NLP doesn't install on MAC

I clicked the download link from my email to download onto my Mac. When I follow the instructions to open “NegativeLabPro-OSX-2.2.0” it opens up a script box that says it is adding the plug-in into lightroom. Upon restarting LR I open plugin manager and click add, but there are no plug-ins to add and NLP wasnt added automatically.

I’m using Lightroom Classic 10.1.1

Thanks in advance!

After running the installer, you need to add the plugin itself to the plugin manager in Lightroom (file > plugin manager). You may need to navigate in the folders to where the installer placed the plugin file, which should be at “{YourUserName}/Plugins/NegativeLabPro.lrplugin”

(The installer script should be setting that as the default path that opens up in the plugin manager, but it looks like that isn’t happening properly on some systems. So you just need to manually navigate to where the plugin file was placed by the script)