Non functioning plugins

I am just trying to test Neg Lab Pro. I downloaded and expanded the files and stored them in C:\WIN-NEGATIVE-LAB-v2.2.0 I then went to Lightroom 4 which I am running and opened filw/plugin manager and via explorer found my C file and loaded the…lrpugin file into the plug in manager.However I get an error message saying that it is installed but not working. I am running Win 10 with the latest updates. I have re started Lightroom without improvement. What am I doing wrong. I have also copied the other files as recommended and installed the hot key exe in the startup file.

It will NOT work with Lightroom 4. You need LR 6 or Lightroom Classic (recommended).


Thanks You have saved me a lot of wasted time. I now realise that Classic does not mean old and free. I am up and running.