Purchased and Installed, No Plugins

Purchased the software for my up to date Lightroom Classic 9.2.1 on a windows machine. Copied the Negative Lab Camera Profiles and Vuescan Profiles to the correct folder in the Adobe Camera profiles folder. Copied the NegativeLabPro plug folder to my C: drive. Added the NLP plug-in via the Plug In Manager and entered my license key. Closed LR and reopened it and I get no plugins related to NLP. I closed out LR restarted my computer and opened LR and still no plugins. Removed the plugins and retraced the steps per the instructions with the same result. Where am I going wrong?


What do you mean when you say you get no plugins related to NLP?

If you go to “File > plugin extras” do you not see Negative Lab Pro there?

Can you share a screenshot of what you are experiencing?

Cheers, -Nate

Finally was able to get on the computer nd havae another go at it. Removed all the copied files and did it all over again and now the Plug Ins are showing up in the Extras. I did this three or four times without result, but it appears to be working now. Thank you.

Awesome, thanks for the update and glad that it is working now. Not sure why it was giving you so much trouble! I’ll keep an eye out for others having this issue to see if it pops up again anywhere.