Overexposure while Importing DNG in Lightroom

Hi guys. I haven’t been using my Nikon scanner for a while and I’ve recently updated my lightroom to 12. So I realized that all DNG I scanned are overxeposed to 0.5-1EV. I double checked Vuescan, rescaned some negatives -nothing was helpful. When I import DNG files into lightroom the diagram is shifted to the right side. Previously (as I remember) it barely touches the right side. And even if I manually adjust exposure in lightroom before conversion I feel like details in shadows are lost.

May be someone has an idea of what’s happening?

PS I also save a JPG file when scanning and it looks nice - with details in highlights and shadows.


When you are scanning in Vuescan, try selecting “Lock Exposure” and setting the RGB gain to 1.0. This will prevent Vuescan from trying to automatically increase the exposure in the negative.


May bad, you’re right, thanks.
The thing is I lock exposure on unexposed strip and likely it’s not very precise. Changing exposure manually, i.e. setting it to 1 fixed it.

You shouldn’t manually adjust exposure in Lightroom before conversion. You should convert first, then use NLP to adjust exposure if still needed.

My problem was incorrect exposure while scanning/importing. So it’s better to have proper exposed RAW file.
BTW why should one convert first and adjust exposure then?

That’s the standard workflow in NLP. You can’t judge correct exposure from a negative and you don’t see what tonal distribution (relevant to the results) you are working with until the conversion profile and settings have been applied.