Overly saturated teal and clipping in shadows

Everyime I convert my negatives in NLP I get this really weird clipping of colors in the shadow areas and often times a really intense teal glow.
I attached a screen shot where Im comparing NLP (top left) , Silverfast (top right) and Epson Scan 2(bottom).
In both my Epson scan and Silverfast results the colors and over all tones of the image look fine.

But in the NLP Image you can see intense auras of green in the shadows on the grass and clipping green shadows on the back of the arms and elbow. Ive had very similar results with other photos I’ve converted too in NLP

Here is another example…
where you can see on the sides of the silhouette and arm there is an intense green layer that I cant seem to get rid of.

Lab scan(left) NLP(right)


How are you scanning the image that you are converting here with Negative Lab Pro? In most cases, the issue has to do with the settings… check out the recommended workflows in the scanning section of the forum.

Another thing you can do in Negative Lab Pro if you see clipping is to adjust the “BlackClip” point (try something like -5 or -10… in some cases I’ll go as high as -30 just depending on the scene). The clip points are set dynamically and non-destructively in Negative Lab Pro, so you can adjust them post conversion without any loss of data.