Really Weird Colours - Am I Stupid?

Hi all,

Weird colours coming out of my scans - I’m at a total loss here. I’m hoping I’m doing something completely braindead and there’s an obvious solution to my issue…

This is Kodak Gold 200 shot on a Bronica SQ.
Scanned with a Lumix S5, Micro-Nikkor AF 55mm f2.8, Cinestill CS-Lite, and Valoi holders.

From left to right, NLP v3.0, SmartConvert Demo, and a Lab scan (frontier).

To my view, the Filmomat conversion matches pretty well to the lab scan, just needs tweaking, however the NLP conversion is wayyyyyyyy off. I’m hoping this is just a lightroom setting or something going wrong.

This is the original raw file if anyone wants to try converting themselves to see if they get similar results: rawscan_1187.rw2 - Google Drive

Hey there – Was about to check your file, but reports it has been deleted.
Did you succeed to find the issue? If not, mind sharing the files once more?

Hey mate, I’ve uploaded it to Google Drive instead. Here it is: rawscan_1187.rw2 - Google Drive


That was a quick finding on how to fix that with NLP.
The photo you’ve shot has no clear blackpoint, so NLPs way of calculating the colour balance breaks a bit.

Try including a bit of the film border (prior to converting) in such cases and you’ll find it converts quite identical to the lab scan. Minor tweaking needed and you should be all good.

Hope this helps!

– Chris