Is anybody have problem with 120 Kodak Gold200?

Hi there!
Im using NLP2.3.0 and NIKON Z9 with 105 f2.8 macro lens.
Most of my convert are fine but when I first time to trying to convert the 120 Kodak gold,
something going wrong, the whole photo getting very blue.
I confirm I using the right procedure, camera white balance cropping and white balance before convert.

plz check

Thanks a lot.

Have you tried to un-convert the image and re-do the conversion?

Please attach the shot of the negative for us to try to find the issue.

Hi I tried to redo but the result is same,
I attach the negative, plz check, thanks.


Have you tried setting the white balance in NLP to “Auto-Warm”? You might just need to adjust the temp and tint a bit to get the right color balance from there. Otherwise, the tonality looks fine.

I can also take a look at converting it myself, but I would need the original RAW file (not a JPEG or TIFF) so that NLP can use the correct camera profile when converting. If you’d like me to try that, you can email me a link at


HI Nate,

Thanks for

I found out what happened. The first thing is I didn’t use the RAW, at this time I change to Raw and I set the picture control to standard.

I think the color control change the color, I was using the vivild before.

thanks for your help.