Big trouble in converting blue

NLP 2.3 + Lightroom CC 12.2
Epson V850 PRO + Silverfast 9 TIFF
Hasselblad Xpan (45mm) + Kodak Gold 200

hi everyone,

new forum user here and user of NLP.
I encountered this problem in converting my latest film rolls.
The conversion with NLP turns out outstanding in almost all photos.
However, I have noticed that when there is a lot of blue in the frame (in all photos where a large portion of sky is visible), the conversion gets totally wrong, giving me back colors bordering on fluorescent.

I’ve been trying to convert photos for days but I don’t understand where the error might be.
I have read the other threads on the forum about conversion problems with blues, but the proposed solutions do not work…

Would anyone be able to help me? I would greatly appreciate your help!!

thank you so much

Hey there & welcome to the forum!

I’ve had a quite similar issue and resolved it by adding a little from the film border prior to conversion. This helps NLP to have a clear black point and evaluate colours better.

If that doesn’t help your case, you could share the RAW file here for us to try?

– Chris

Hi Chris! Thank you!
I tried as you suggested, it changes something but the difference is still minimal.

Sure, I’ll leave the .DNG attached here! Anyone who helps me I thank him from the bottom of my heart!
I would really like to figure out how to solve this problem!

RAW file

Seems you need to grant access to the file. Requested it just now.

Up to you to judge if this looks like what it has been or what you intended:

When you add a bit of the border (pre conversion), make sure you have border buffer set to 0%. From there, set a custom white balance in NLP, which renders the scene as intended.

Not sure it was neccessary, but I ran the “Update VueScan/Silverfast DNGs” prior to having NLP doing the conversion.

Hope this helps!

thank you Chris!

This is the same result I have, unfortunately. I’ve used the same process you’ve described.
But there is still big problems in color convertion. I can say that because I’ve other shoots of the same subject and the difference are so huge that I can only think is something in the blue photos that misleads NLP.

This is another photo but with the right color

That’s indeed a very different look and neither is the initial result nor my conversion close to that. Colour correcting the image would be possible (I guess) but would require a lot of work.

Maybe @nate can help here?

Yes, the most strange this is that all the photo of the roll are right and I like them a lot.
I had no problem except with the three where a large portion of blue sky is visible. It seems that the error is related to the large presence of blue in the photos…

could you help me please @nate ? I would be eternally grateful


In the current version (v2.4.2) if you find that one shot converts well in a roll but another shot does not, you can use the “sync scene” feature to bring the better conversion over to the file…

In v3.0 (currently in beta), you can use “Roll Analysis” to create more accurate conversions by looking at the context of the entire roll.

The issue isn’t with “blue.” The issue is just with not having enough context within some single frames to make a good initial conversion.