NLP converting into a very blue tint

Hi when converting my Tiff scan in NLP from my Epson V850 using Silverfast I am getting very blue tinted photos.
The Tiff file is attached, here: Lufi - Disroot file uploader
Example of blue tint after NLP conversion is attached, here: Lufi - Disroot file uploader

If anyone could provide me with any solutions it would be greatly appreciated! Not sure if its the scan of the negative or the conversion that has gone wrong!

Thank you!

Image 21-01-2022 at 18.54

I had the same problem & to save Nate’s time he gave me two fixes. First crop the negative to exclude everything except the desired image. This worked immediately. The second fix, which also worked, is to use the warm/smooth? setting during the second stage of NLP processing. both fixes worked, the crop was the most important.

I had the same issue and Nate showed me how to change this:

  1. select the “blue” picture
  2. call NLP
  3. choose Convert from “Convert/Edit/Advanced”
  4. choose “unconvert” from “Reset Photo / un-convert”
  5. choose “Convert Negative(s)”

This is how it worked for me - Hope it helps for you