Converted negative is all blue

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So i just tried out NLP on my first two negatives and all I received from it was an all cyanish / blueish picture :confused:

Scanned with epsonscan as a positive, then converted it with the tif converter tool which came with NLP, set whitebalance, cropped it, converted it with 10% buffer and tada… following photo. I then tried it out with nates sample photos and there it works perfectly fine. What I saw was that the color profile of nate raw file was changed to negative lap pro 2.0… mine doesn’t after the conversion. What should I do? I mean I got a nice bnw picture out of it with some editing… but well it was kodak portra and I want at least know how it would’ve looked like.

Bildschirmfoto 2020-06-07 um 23.13.42|690x431

Oh and if i scan it as a negative and edit it via epsonscan, it turns out the right way, well with epsons color cast… but ok…

Anyone here can help? :3

If I am reading your post correctly it seems that you did not set the profile to Negative Lab Pro 2 before converting.

Set profile to Negative Lab Pro in LR
Use the Color Balance Eyedropper tool to sample the boarder of the photo to set the color balance.
Use the Negative Lab Pro to convert the image.
In the Negative Lab Pro conversion dialog, select the option to generate a positive TIFF file if you plan to do further edits in LR / PS. The original raw file is still a negative inside after the conversion and the LR sliders will work backwards. The TIFF file is a true positive image and can be edited normally.

Hope this helps.

Hmm… well that’s not right! Let’s see if we can sort this out.

The raw profiles are only applied on RAW files (so either camera scans or RAW DNGs from Silverfast or Vuescan.) Tiff files from Epson scan are already “fully baked,” so the raw profiles are not applicable to them.

The step to “white balance” off the border is really only applicable to RAW files as well… Lightroom’s white balance works differently internally on RAW vs Non-RAW files.

Did you follow the steps in this guide on using EpsonScan with Negative Lab Pro? The settings you use in EpsonScan are important to getting a good, final result.

Also, while the initial conversion should absolutely not have this much color cast, you should be able to manually remove the color cast using the color sliders in Negative Lab Pro. You just need to add red to offset the cyan.


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thank you so much for your kind email and helpful reply. It was the epson color management setting which I didn’t turn off. Whoosh for that… I guess I should read more careful ^^