After Conversion the "Positive" is still a negative

Hi there! I just installed the trial and have a couple of conversions remaining. I am scanning with my mirrorless camera and importing the RAW as a DNG in Lightroom Classic (release 12.4). I’m keeping everything as default in Negative Lab Pro (v2.4.2) and it creates a tiff that has the -positive in the filename. Unfortunately, this is still a negative. Also, when I have this -positive file selected everything is still greyed out in the Edit tab in the plugin.

On Windows 11.

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You need to hit the “Convert Negatives” button. It sounds like you may be hitting the “apply” button instead on an image that you haven’t converted yet.

I know this is a bit confusing… in v3, the “apply” button will be greyed out until you convert.


Hi Nate! I am pressing Convert Negatives. A new file gets created that is listed as the -positive.tiff but that file is still a negative.

I’m having the same issue. I’m using Lightroom Classic CC (13.0) with NLP v3.0.2 [trial] on a MBP M1. I’m scanning the negatives as tiff on a Plustek 7200. I’ve tried both before and after Tiff scan prep and the result is the same. The positive image seems to be the same as the negative image and most of the configuration options seem to not have any effect on the image, except for some of the adjustments.

I’m also including a screen recording of the issue Screen Recording 2023-10-10 at 14.08.52
I hope it helps.

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Hi everyone, I have the same problem with the LightRoom Classic version 13.0 - I had to downgrade LRC. Version 13.0 is incompatible with NLP 3.0.2 and probably other versions too. Here is a similar discussion thread

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I am having this exact same issue! It’s driving me a little crazy.

Find some info about NLP vs. LrC 13 in your email or here: