After Conversion the "Positive" is still a negative

Hi there! I just installed the trial and have a couple of conversions remaining. I am scanning with my mirrorless camera and importing the RAW as a DNG in Lightroom Classic (release 12.4). I’m keeping everything as default in Negative Lab Pro (v2.4.2) and it creates a tiff that has the -positive in the filename. Unfortunately, this is still a negative. Also, when I have this -positive file selected everything is still greyed out in the Edit tab in the plugin.

On Windows 11.

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You need to hit the “Convert Negatives” button. It sounds like you may be hitting the “apply” button instead on an image that you haven’t converted yet.

I know this is a bit confusing… in v3, the “apply” button will be greyed out until you convert.


Hi Nate! I am pressing Convert Negatives. A new file gets created that is listed as the -positive.tiff but that file is still a negative.